Leaked HTC U11 Life Android One Phone

HTC U11 Life
The official HTC smartphone division has been purchased by Google. Even so, HTC says that they will continue to produce smartphones. Now circulating latest HTC smartphone leaks made for Google's Android One project. Google's Android One Project is being noticed. One reason is because Xiaomi also started making Android One smartphone with the release of Xiaomi Mi A1.

Motorola, later named as Xiaomi's competitor in the case of dual cameras, has also just participated in the Android One project by launching the Moto X4.

A Twitter account named @LlabTooFeR leaked the specs of the Android One HTC smartphone named U11 Life.
U11 Life will have a 5.2 inch screen with 1080p resolution. The phone is also equipped with front and rear camera that same resolution is 16MP.

For the processor, HTC uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 630. HTC mentioned will provide 3GB RAM variant with 32GB or 4GB memory with 64GB memory.

The operating system used U11 Life is Android O with a battery capacity of 2600 mAh. Interesting features such as Edge Sense will also be embedded on the HTC U11 Life. The feature was first introduced on the flagship HTC U11.

The Edge Sense feature allows your smartphone to choose command options that are adjusted based on the intensity of pressure that you provide on the device. This feature is much more interesting than the features shake or flip that has been widely used so far.
Another feature available on this smartphone is the IP67 certification. That means, U11 Life will hold dust and splash water. In the sales package, will also be included earphones USonic made HTC.

Unfortunately, not yet known how the selling price and release time of this phone. However, with the label Android One, it is expected to be able to re-raise the popularity of HTC-made smartphone.