LG and Qualcomm Develop Car Technology Without Driver

LG and Qualcomm
The ranks of companies that develop driverless car technology are accelerating with the entry of LG and Qualcomm into the list. Both sides this week announced their cooperation in Seoul, South Korea. The LG and Qualcomm partnership in autonomous car technology will begin with the opening of a joint research and development center in Seoul.

To achieve this goal, the two technology giants will concentrate on developing 5th generation mobile technology (5G) and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) for vehicles.

5G network data transfer rate 5 times higher than LTE, with a latency that is 10 times lower so ideal for use for self-steering cars.

"LG plans to lead the market of future car components by combining our experience in automotive communications technology and advanced solutions for the LTE connection to 5G from Qualcomm," said Executive Vice President of Vehicle Components Smart Business Unit of LG, Kim Jin-yong, in a press release.

LG and Qualcomm will also be researching other wireless technologies needed for the security aspects of the car connected to the internet.

"We are optimistic that the combined strength of Qualcomm and LG's research will generate profits that can not be achieved if it works alone" added Jin-yong.