Microsoft Almost Launches Bezel Thin Phone in 2014

Microsoft Lumia 435
Most smartphone manufacturers now have at least one high-end device with a slim bezel design and a high screen to body ratio. This trend has only recently been promoted by manufacturers recently. If launched in three years ago, thin bezel phone may be of interest, so Microsoft had planned to launch the device that carries the design. Recently circulated information that mentions that Microsoft developed the device a few years ago.

The thinner bezel phone developed by Microsoft should be launched as Lumia 435, and is marketed for US $ 200. But Microsoft canceled the plan by the end of 2014.

But Microsoft also launched a device called Microsoft Lumia 435 in the market in early 2015 as a low-end 4-inch sailing device, but became a forgotten device and not get much attention, before it was officially canceled.

The revamped Vela-coded phone name is powered by low-end class specifications, but is quite interesting thanks to the support of 5-inch 720p resolution screen and very thin bezel.

More precisely the bottom bezel is wide enough, but the top and side bezel are very thin for affordable devices output 2014.

Vela comes with a screen ratio to the body 79 percent, higher when compared with
Sharp Crystal Aquos which was also released in 2014 ago. For comparison devices currently available, including iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and LG V30, have the ratio of the screen to the body slightly higher than 80 percent.

Until now there has been no information related to the reasons behind the cancellation of Lumia Vela production plans by Microsoft. Previously Microsoft has also reportedly canceled a number of Windows-based mobile devices in recent years, including Lumia McLaren, Lumia 960, and Surface Mini Tablet.  

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