Microsoft Builds Treehouse for Employees

Microsoft Treehouse
Microsoft made 3 units of tree houses on their campus in Washington, USA. This house their employees to be able to encourage productivity and creativity, and more comfortable in the company. Microsoft is implementing the philosophy of working in the open can increase creativity, focus, and a sense of happiness. The philosophy is manifested through a workspace that is at an altitude of 12 feet from the ground.

Three tree houses built are claimed to last up to 20 years. The building's construction is done by the guidance of Pete Nelson, a famous television personality of the Treehouse Masters impressions who are also expert tree-house makers in the United States.
"Many people say that someone is more at home when they are outdoors, when you first come to this location you will find a very calm condition.All people who work here are very focused and enjoy the environmental conditions presented in front of it.

"It really does affect the way they think and work," explained Bret Boulter, who leads the project and other Microsoft facilities.

Of course, this philosophy and innovation is not new, based on University of Washington research described that a green environment also affects the function and mental health of a person.
At 3 pieces of the tree house is not only available workspace which is also connected to the electrical connection and Wi-Fi connection but also available cafeteria and meeting room. So, this tree house still provides the right workspace in the building, but with interior design and relaxation that is more relaxed but helps employees focus.

Technology companies are known to provide work space as well as environment that encourage employees to feel at home and productive and creative. Microsoft became the most total in presenting the concept of green and outdoor for employees.