Microsoft Direct Fix the Gap in WiFi WPA2

Microsoft company
The WPA2 WiFi security protocol has been successfully compromised. This weakness allows the attacker to see WiFi traffic, and in some cases, even put malware into the site. Security researchers say, this problem affects devices that use Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.

Microsoft said they have patched this security hole for Windows users. "We have released a security update to address this issue," said a Microsoft spokesman.

"Customers who download updates or enable automatic updates will be protected, we continue to encourage users to enable automatic updates to ensure they are protected."

Microsoft said they had released the update on October 10. However, they do not announce this until other vendors can develop and release updates for the operating systems they develop. Of all operating systems, Android and Linux are the two most vulnerable OSs to this attack.

Google promises that they will provide security updates within the next few weeks. The Pixel smartphone line will be the first device to get a fix update on November 6th, while other Android devices will get updates after that.
Security researchers claim, about 41 percent of Android devices vulnerable to attack by this. 

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the set of companies responsible for Wi-Fi has responded to this vulnerability. "This problem can be fixed through software updates from Wi-Fi industry players, including major providers, have begun releasing patches for WiFi users," said a spokesman for the Wi-Fi Alliance. "Whether the device has gotten a patch or not, all the user's WiFi devices will still run as normal." 

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