Microsoft Now Partner With Spotify And Turn Off Groove Music

Microsoft renamed Xbox Music to Groove Music two years ago. The goal is to make its streaming music service more relevant to consumers. Even so, Microsoft remains less successful. Many Microsoft customers do not know about Groove's existence. Now, Microsoft decided to stop its music service and took Spotify.

The Groove Music app will offer users to move their collection through an update for Windows 10. The Windows Insider namely Windows Insider can get that update this week. While new regular users will get it on 9 October.

Groove Music Pass customers will have the option to migrate to Spotify until at least January 31st.  

For customers who have paid up until December, they will get a refund in accordance with the remaining time of their subscription. The Groove app still works to listen to downloaded music or other music stored on the device.

Given Spotify is a music streaming service with the largest number of users, it's no wonder that Microsoft decided to work with the company. In addition, Microsoft has also just made Xbox One can access Spotify.

Microsoft's decision is also a proof that the online music industry has now been dominated by two big companies namely Spotify and Apple. Even Microsoft, which dominates the PC industry, is finding it difficult to get people to use their homemade services.

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