Microsoft Say Goodbye to Xbox Kinect

Xbox Kinect
Microsoft has finally acknowledged that its company has stopped the production of Kinect devices for Xbox that make their console can compete with other consoles like Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move. Kinect is a motion controller similar to the Nintendo Wii control, users can play a game based on their gestures.

However, Kinect's superiority is that users do not need a controller at all because it has a camera and microphone that can read every user's movement and receive voice commands.

After being produced for 7 years finally one of Microsoft's best innovations in the entertainment device area should stop being manufactured. The reason is not because the technology developed less popular but the game or entertainment ecosystem intended for the use of Kinect device is minimal.

In an interview with Microsoft, not many game developers who want to develop their game to be compatible with Kinect devices.

Many game developers who prefer the traditional game mode that uses a controller stick is grasped. So Kinect's technological innovation is somewhat at odds with the growing gaming industry.

Microsoft said that so far they have managed to sell 35 million Kinect devices first introduced in 2010.

When introduced to Xbox 360 in 2011 this device became one of the fastest-selling consumer devices in the world even recorded by Guinness World Records, not less than 130 thousand units sold every day for two months.

Although the Kinect stops being produced but the technological innovations that are presented remain the basis of today's technological developments. For example on the headset Windows Mixed Reality that combines virtual reality and augmented reality then that will become popular feature FaceID on the iPhone X.

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