Moto Mod Speaker Alexa Ready In November

Moto Mod Speaker Alexa
Motorola announced the accessory to be launched in November at the Amazon Echo sales site, will be marketed for US $ 149.99. Moto Mod Alexa presents the latest information related to news, weather and sports value.

The virtual assistant can also manage smart equipment such as lights, thermostats, and entertainment systems, and order vehicles on the vehicle booking service via the Lyft app, and so on.

Like other Moto Mods, Alexa speakers will be paired on the back of the Moto Z series device with 16 pin magnetic rocks.

Moto Mod is also supported by a battery that is claimed to last for 15 hours so that the phone battery does not need to support the power used to activate the accessory. Meanwhile, Moto Mod Speaker with Amazon Alexa support comes with a microphone.

Providing the microphone allows Alexa virtual assistant to listen to voice commands thrown by the user, both from a short distance or from a distance. Moto Z owners claimed to be able to use accessories to help run their daily activities.

Has experienced a decline in popularity, Motorola's success re-emerged as a brand that can compete with the new brand and the giant is currently called Chief Marketing Officer Motorola Mobile Business Group, Jan Huckfeldt, can not be separated from the success of his party re-legacy Motorola glory in the past.