Netflix Now Reaches Over 300 Million Viewers

Netflix has over 104 million paid accounts. Interestingly, Netflix mentioned that the actual number of their audience is more than that. They say they have more than 300 million viewers. Netflix has surpassed its user growth target of 100 million users worldwide. This is good news for investors. Netflix shares rose to US $ 200 after its latest financial report.

Having 104 million paid subscribers is a separate achievement for Netflix. However, Netflix said, the number of their audience is actually more than that.

In an interview about how Netflix prepares to launch Stranger Things 2, VP of Product Innovation, Netflix, Todd Yellin said that the total number of Netflix viewers reaches more than 300 million people.

One of the factors why Netflix's audience counts far outweighs the number of paid accounts is that sometimes, one account is used by more than one person. For example, when a Netflix account is used by a family.

Yellin explained, TV became a favorite device for users to watch Netflix, with 65 percent contribution. While mobile devices contribute 20 percent (mobile phone contributions rise, while the contribution of tablets down) and computers contribute 15 percent.

Netflix has also mapped 2,000 community tastes in its audience population. Yellin said, it can help them to suggest the appropriate film in the world.