Nintendo Production 2 Million Console Switches Per Month

Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is reported to have sold up to 5 million units to date. This is a number that is quite surprising, considering the new hybrid console is marketed for less than a year. Demand from the Switch was directly proportional to the amount of production made Nintendo. The Japanese company is rumored to have increased Nintendo Switch production to 2 million units per month.

Earlier the company estimated they could ship 10 million units of Switch in this year. However, with the increase in production, Nintendo hopes to ship up to 20 million units of Switch.

Please note that shipping is not the same as the unit sold. In this case the shipment is the unit Nintendo will ship to the retailer. Companies may have predicted how many units they will sell, so they only produce according to demand.

Swiss financial analyst Credit Suisse predicts switching sales will reach 130 million units by 2022. This figure is almost doubled from their previous expectations, which at that time was only around 70 million units.

Credit Suisse explains why that number is considered possible. Despite doubts about his identity, Switch is considered a unique game device.

Because the console made gaming giant from the State Sakura is indeed carrying the concept of hybrid used as a home or handheld console.

Although many categorize the Nintendo Switch as a home console, Credit Suisse is more like a handheld. This is supported by a survey conducted by Japanese game magazine Famitsu. The survey results reveal the majority of people consider Switch as a portable device.

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