North Korea Internet Access Sponsored Russia?

Kim Jong-un
Although known as a closed country, North Korea is actually quite cunning in cyberspace. How does the country get its internet access?

A recent report revealed that North Korea gained internet access from Russia, precisely sourced from TransTeleCom, a Russian-owned telecommunications company. This access is an additional ammunition received by North Korea in developing capabilities on the internet. A number of Internet analysts saw a connection provided by TransTeleCom for North Korea at around 17:30 local time on Sunday.

TransTeleCom does not confirm the subject of providing internet access to the country led by Kim Jong Un. TransTeleCom itself does present a network on the border with Russia with North Korea.

From the eyes of Internet security experts appeared tone of worry about additional internet access to North Korea. According to them, this access can be used by North Korea to attack or become a cyber defense fort in the future.

"Practically allowing additional resistance if one of the connections is inactive for a number of reasons," says Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis at Oracle Dyn.

Before TransTeleCom, North Korea has also received a quick internet support from the Bamboo Curtain country, the China Unicorn. The Chinese telecom company provided Internet access to North Korea for seven years.