North Korea Suspected to Steal South Korea and US War Plans

Kim jong un
South Korean lawmakers who are also members of the defense committee claimed that North Korean hackers had stolen some sensitive South Korean military documents, including plans to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. South Korean media Yonhap reported that Rhee Cheo-hee, a member of the South Korean political party who is also a member of the defense committee, said the documents stolen by North Korean hackers were a document of the Ministry of Defense.

The North Korean hackers are said to be accessing documents related to South Korean special forces, information about power plants, military facilities and war plans made by South Korea along with the United States.

South Korea's defense ministry declined to comment on the matter. While the US Department of Defense has not responded. Rhee claims, about 235GB of military documents have been stolen from Defense Integrated Data Center and about 80 percent of stolen documents have not been identified.

This hack happened in last September. In May, the Korean government of Selatah has announced that large amounts of data have been stolen from the system.

At that time they also suspect that North Korea is the mastermind behind the attack. However, at that time, the government did not know what documents were stolen.

North Korea denies South Korea's claim. Yonhap reported that Seoul has been strengthening their cyber defense since attacks on government sites and companies they allegedly carried out by the North Korean government in Pyongyang.

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