OLED Screen on Smartphone Will Be Popular In 2020

The year 2017 brings many changes to the impression and appearance that carried the smartphone, but one of the most significant changes is the screen with a thin bezel design. The design of the bezel is smaller and the size is enlarged, the screen becomes an important part.

Samsung has an important role associated with the increasing popularity of OLED, thanks to its presence in every flagship model in the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note. In addition, the introduction of flexible OLED panels presents many options related to the form factor.

One example of this option is a device with Samsung's curved screen that glide since a few years ago. Or in other words OLED is becoming increasingly popular and predicted the increase will not slow down in the near future.

Recent reports from research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants claim that OLED usage on smartphones will surpass the LCD by 2020.

This is not surprising, because the series of smartphones with the best sales more and more adopted these technologies in various devices.

In addition, a number of screen manufacturers began to produce their own OLED display panels, so the shift is considered inevitable. Claim reports that the shift that will occur in the near future quite surprising.

Another prediction says that flexible OLED solutions will be more popular when compared to its competitors by the end of next year.

This can mean that the use of a curved screen on an OLED smartphone is still uncertain, although flexible panels can help producers save on production costs.

OLED display panels also offer better image quality, and have a lower power consumption related potential because pure black screens do not require energy. However, other manufacturers still have homework, because nowadays Samsung has the experience to produce OLED panels.

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