Pixel 2 Can Update Security For 3 Years

Google Pixel 2
Google is trying to get the latest flagship smartphone, the Pixel series can captivate the hearts of many consumers. One way is to provide security guarantees and software in a long time. Google wants to provide special services to Pixel users. For Pixel 2, Google guarantees security and software updates up to 36 months (three years). The previous Pixel series only received up to two years' reassurance guarantees.

Google is often provide a fairly special treatment for its products. One of them, Pixel smartphone series including the first hardware product that can taste the operating system (OS) Android Oreo.

Google announced Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on Thursday (4/10/2017) in the United States (US) local time. Google sells Pixel 2 for US $ 650 for 64GB internal memory version, and US $ 750 for 128GB. Pixel 2 XL sold more expensive, ie US $ 850 for 64GB and US $ 950 for 128GB.

Pre-order both have been open since October 4, 2017, the same date with the announcement. But Pixel 2 will glide on the market faster on October 17, while Pixel 2 XL ranges from 2-3 weeks after October 4, 2017.

Google only works with Verizon Wireless mobile operators for Pixel 2 series sales in the US. Consumers can also buy the second unlocked version of this latest smartphone in the Google Store and Project Fi.

Pixel 2 series so far is planned to visit a number of other countries, namely Australia, Canada, Germany, India, and the UK.

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