Qualcomm Fined Taiwan $ 773 Million For violating antitrust regulations

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Qualcomm has to pay a fine of NTD 23.4 billion, according to the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (FTC) decision. This is the latest fine that Qualcomm has to pay for the way they sell their patents and mobile processors. Qualcomm is considered to have violated antitrust regulations for at least 7 years. During that time, Qualcomm has earned NTD400 billion of licensing fees paid by Taiwanese companies, Taiwan regulators said on its website yesterday.

Qualcomm disagrees with the provisions, and plans to appeal, the San Diego-based company said in an official statement.  

Qualcomm has attracted the attention of regulators from around the world because of its business practices in South Korea, China, Japan, the European Union and other countries.

Prior to this the processor manufacturer also had time to collide with Apple in court, the iPhone maker is reducing the amount of payments they provide to Qualcomm related patent licenses.

Taiwan regulator says, Qualcomm monopolize the standard mobile device market. They can refuse to give their products to companies that do not agree with the agreement they provide.

By doing this, Qualcomm has violated local regulations. TFTC also said, the total value of processor made by Qualcomm which has been purchased by various Taiwan companies reached US $ 30 billion.

"Qualcomm has many essential standard patents on CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE and is the dominant provider of chips for CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE," the FTC said.

"They abuse their power in mobile communications standards and refuse to sell the necessary patent licenses."

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