Qualcomm Wants iPhone Prohibited for Sale in China

Qualcomm company
Qualcomm has just included new demands against Apple in China. They asked the Chinese court to ban the sale and production of the iPhone in the country. This is the latest attack from Qualcomm in a legal battle with Apple. In his demands, Qualcomm claims that Apple has infringed 3 of their patents.

All three patents are not essential patents, which means Qualcomm is not required to sell its licenses. The patents are mentioned serves to regulate the power and features of the Force Touch on the iPhone.

"Apple uses technology created by Qualcomm without paying us," said a Qualcomm spokesman.

In an official statement, Apple said that they believe, this Qualcomm demands will lead to failure. In addition, they also imply that Qualcomm's demands are opportunistic because Qualcomm has never discussed this patent in negotiations and recently obtained licenses from these patents not long ago.

"Apple believes the importance of innovation and we are always willing to pay for patents that we use with fair value," said an Apple spokesman.

"Over the years we negotiated with Qualcomm, these patents have never been discussed and the fact is, it has only been given in recent months.Regulators around the world will agree that Qualcomm has been abusing their dominant position for years."

This is the second time Qualcomm tried to ban the sale of the iPhone. In July, they have made similar claims in the United States, stating that there are 6 of their patents that Apple has violated.