Qualcomm will Start Using 5G on Smartphones

Qualcomm has just tested the 5G internet network to run on smartphones. In a test conducted by Qualcomm conducted today (18/10/17) showed their modem chip called Snapdragon X50 5G which development has been done since last year. The component became one of the first to realize Gigabit LTE technology, namely wireless technology capabilities that can transmit internet up to 1GB per second speed.

"For the first time the speed of 5G connections is presented on a mobile device," said Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Cristiano Amon. He claims, this achievement is a major contribution to mobile broadband experience worldwide.

5G data connection on the trial process is done on smartphones made specifically by the Qualcomm embedded modem components X50 and use radio frequency network 28GHz mmWave.

Qualcomm party claims that if later 5G networks have been implemented, then the technology they produce can reach speeds of 5GB per second.

Specially-made Smartphone by Qualcomm for 5G test is also quite interesting, because the smartphone with 9 millimeter thick has a curved edge to edge and double camera. Qualcomm said that the smartphone design will be a testing tool for up to 2 years ahead, and can be a reference for the development of 5G smartphones by other vendors starting in 2019.

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