Razer Will Release Mobile Phone Games On November 1st?

The decision of the gaming vendor Razer to acquire the nextbit smartphone company that makes many parties ask, whether Razer will plunge into the smartphone industry?

The question seems to be answered clearly on November 1st. Razer Twitter account provides a leak in the form of images with the date.

In the uploaded image, a young man holding a smartphone-sized device with both hands, but not yet known whether it is a smartphone or not.

Another code that can be captured from the image is the text that reads 'watch' is written with a larger size and use the green color of Razer identity. It is not known for sure whether the writing is only to attract the attention of readers, or indeed indicate the name of the device to be released on 1 November.

Until now there is no news that can be confirmed the truth about the device released by Razer. Although Razer acquired Nextbit, it was too early to suppose the gaming vendor would plunge into the smartphone industry.

In several interviews with CEO Razer, Min-Liang Tan, he once mentioned that Razer has not planned to plunge into the smartphone industry.
However, he acknowledges that the segment of mobile devices and their ecosystems will be highly developed and important for the gaming industry. 

So far we can only speculate about the device to be released by Razer, whether it is a smartphone or handheld gaming device like the Nintendo Switch.

Some time ago, CEO Razer also had attracted the attention of worshipers of his company, after uploading a photo with his partner. Looks a little in his pocket a device with Razer logo design. Of course this is a matter of debate.

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