Russian Army Prohibited Selfie and Post on Social Media

Russian Army
Uploading selfie photos to social media is an epidemic everywhere. To the extent that Russia forbids its soldiers to do so. Why?

Investigate a prohibition of the ban is based on experience, where as of July 2014 and there are soldiers who proudly post on social media while in charge of delivery of rocket launcher vehicles to the pro-Russian rebel territory in Ukraine. The following months the rebels seized a large field in Donetsk and Luhansk, especially in the Russian-speaking region, precisely in Eastern Ukraine.

Knowing that Ukraine and Western governments accuse Russia of supplying heavy weapons and troops to rebels. Russia also did not move and admitted that some Russian volunteers help the rebels but refused to send regular troops.

In addition, social media also plays a role revealing other events thanks to being uploaded by the Russian army itself.

Even the local mass media once proclaimed how the Red Bear country was indirectly confirming the battle in Eastern Ukraine and it was revealed because of social media.

Therefore the Russian Ministry of Defense is drafting a law that prohibits posts on social media. The rule was directed to professional soldiers and other military personnel for security reasons.

It also states that the law regulates active participants in social media such as sharing photos, videos, geolocations, and other materials that can reveal details of military activities to the enemy.

Especially with the increasingly sophisticated smartphone capabilities, mobile location data can be very accurate which distance can be up to a few meters only. In addition, there is a social networking platform that delivers the division of the lit location and it can reveal the location of troops.

"There are cases where enemy positions are revealed, which lead to active shooting," said Dmytro Podvorchansky of the Ukrainian Dnipro-1 Regiment.

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