Samsung Galaxy S9 Have Fingerprint in Front

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung was criticized for laying out a rather strange fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. In both Samsung's premium smartphones, the fingerprint sensor is located at the rear, next to the rear camera. The place makes it difficult for users to reach it, especially if you hold the phone at the bottom.

A few months ago, rumors emerged that Samsung's next premium smartphone, supposedly named Galaxy S9, would have a fingerprint sensor in an equally strange place.

However, Samsung's new patent from the Korean Intellectual Property Information Service (KIPRIS) indicates that perhaps Samsung will place the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S9 in a more reasonable place.

The patent shows that a very small and very fast fingerprint sensor will be embedded on the front of Samsung's smartphone in the future.

The patent indicates that Samsung phones in the future could have a small basin at the bottom of the face of the phone. In this section of the basin will be embedded fingerprint sensor that can read the user's fingerprint data very quickly. One illustration in this patent shows how some of these fingerprint sensors will be on the screen.

samsung fingerprint

One interesting thing is the patent document has been entered by Samsung since early 2016. That means, this design could have been considered by Samsung to be used on the Galaxy S8. However, it is still unknown whether Samsung will indeed use this design on its upcoming premium smartphone.  

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