Siri Thinks 'Despacito' As National Anthem

Siri iPhone
Digital assistants are typically created using artificial intelligence that is connected to Internet technology, a feature that is commonly used to help them access applications or information in a short way that is simply ask the digital assistant. Funny thing is that the feature can also make a mistake by giving an inappropriate answer from the question asked.

It is rumored that some time ago circulated uploads that show the iPhone's digital assistant Siri made a fatal mistake.

A user asks 'what is the Bulgarian national anthem?' but the answer is Despacito song. Yes, the song that yesterday had become the most played song on Spotify streaming service.

Please note that the Bulgarian national anthem in English is read as 'Mila Ridino' or Dear Motherland. Despacito song itself is a Latin song popularized by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber.

There is a lot of speculation in circulation, including the lyrics that sounds similar to the title of the Bulgarian national anthem.

However, the closest speculation is the assumption that Siri made a mistake in retrieving information from the internet to be presented to the user.

The speculation is based on Microsoft Bing search engine utilization as an application that Siri uses to gather information from the internet.
Last week rumored Apple decided to take Google as a search engine that supports the ability of Siri.

Internet users who immediately know the same tried and did the same test on Wikipedia and Google digital assistant. The answer they got was appropriate, Despacito is not a Bulgarian national anthem.

Until now the Apple does not give a response to the oddities made Siri. However, did not wait long, it turns out Siri has been correcting the answers to these questions and performing the correct Bulgarian national anthem.