Sony Returns to Robot Business with Latest Aibo Version

Sony will re-enter the robot industry by launching the latest version of Aibo, a home-like robot that resembles a dog. Aibo was first launched in 1999. In 2006, the launch was postponed because Sony was tightening its finances and was reorganizing. Now, Sony plans to launch a new version of Aibo. This new dog robot will be equipped with internet connectivity as well as artificial intelligence.

This robot will be able to control some household furniture and receive voice commands, just like when you use smart devices made by Amazon and Google.

Sony said they will again make a robot in 2016. At that time, they say is developing a robot that will win the hearts of people.

President of Sony, Kazuo Hirai said, the purpose of making this robot is to offer a new experience for users by combining Sony audio visual and home entertainment technology with the latest technology in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. 

Last year, Sony's Head of Intellectual Property, Toshimoto Mitomo confessed that Sony was aware of their products related to the field of AI less successful. "As a strategic investor, we believe, continuous learning is the core of AI's future," Mitomo said.

President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Hiroaki Kitano also admitted that Sony is still losing compared to other giant companies that have developed AIs like Facebook and Google.

"But there is still an area that has not been entered in part in the cyber world, but mostly in the real world," said Kitano. And we have a number of products for real-world use. We make hardware. That's our strength."