Tesla Fires Hundreds Of Employees, Why?

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Tesla fired hundreds of people working at his headquarters in Palo Alto, California and the Fremont vehicle production plant. Citing interviews with ex-workers and employees of Tesla, the media mentioned that Tesla has fired about 400-700 people. This dismissal affects workers at various levels, from factory employees, technicians to managers. The laid-off workers are not warned before being fired.

In an official statement, Tesla mentioned that they had conducted an annual review and said they did not fire their employees, but only released employees on the basis of a less than satisfactory performance.

"Just like other companies, especially companies with more than 33,000 employees, performance reviews sometimes lead to the release of employees," said Tesla spokesman.

"Tesla continues to grow and hire new workers around the world." Tesla said they plan to fill the existing gap with new employees.

Tesla claims, most workers who are released work in sales and administration. They also assured, this dismissal will not affect the factory in Fremont, which has about 10 thousand employees. However, at present, Tesla is actually a bit difficult to produce Model 3 cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to postpone their semi truck announcement to November for wanting to focus on Model 3, which is Tesla's most affordable car. There are currently over half a million people on the Model 3 buyout list, which is priced starting at US $ 35,000.  

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