The Cause of Fast iPhone Heat and How to Overcome it

Illustration of iPhone hot fast
Apple-made smartphone may be very much in demand because in addition to having good quality also has a very high prestige value. To the extent that many people are willing to spend money to be able to use the iPhone.

But behind it all, does not mean the iPhone is a perfect smartphone that has no shortage at all. Not a few iPhone users who complain because of some problems that often happened.

And one of the problems that is often complained by iPhone users is the body that is too hot when used to run heavy activities. To add your insight, here we will convey some info about the cause of the iPhone quickly hot and how to overcome them.

The cause of the iPhone is hot fast

1. Unstable Signal / Network Condition

The first reason why the iPhone can be hot fast is due to network conditions or unstable signals. The iPhone effect will work hard to get a signal or network. This is what causes the iPhone quickly hot. The solution to resolve is to switch the airplane mode when the signal condition is unstable.

2. Directly exposed to sunlight

The second reason why the iPhone can get hot quickly is because of direct exposure to sunlight. As we know that the majority of the iPhone using a body made of metal that is delivering heat. The solution to solve this problem is to avoid the iPhone from direct sun exposure.

3. Damage to Battery Components

Another cause that can also cause the iPhone to heat quickly is because the battery is damaged. The damaged iPhone battery will release excessive heat during use and spread to its body. If that is the case, then you should replace the old iPhone battery with a new battery.

4. Used While Recharging Battery

Another thing that can also cause the iPhone to be hot is to use it when in charging or recharging the battery. You should not use the iPhone when charged so as not to heat. In addition, other causes are the use of protective cases when the contents of the battery. It could also cause the iPhone to heat up. Therefore, first off the new rechargeable batteries. 

5. Too Many Current Applications

The last reason why the iPhone is hot is because of the large number of applications running in the background. The solution to the problem is to remove it via taks manager or remove applications that are rarely used.