The Security Tunnel at Dubai Airport Can Recognize Faces

Tunnel at Dubai Airport
The increasing number of arrivals at Dubai airport, United Arab Emirates, makes security officers must work faster in checking the security of each visitor. The Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates decided to use an advanced tunnel that could speed up the checking process and avoid queues.

This tunnel from the outside looks like an ordinary tunnel that in the inside attached to the screen that displays a variety of videos whose resolution is very sharp.

However, behind the screen is stored sensors face scanner that can recognize every visitor to the airport and register. Its function can replace the arrival registration post commonly found on the flight path abroad.

The Deputy Director of the General Affairs of Dubai Residency and Foreign Affairs, Obaid Al Hameeri said that the video is actually entertainment but in some parts of the video will appear a moment that attracts anyone who passes in it.

"When someone is focused towards the video, the scanner behind the screen will work to scan their faces. Future development will also be available for iris scans on the eye and which can recognize a wide variety of explosives, "he said. He mentioned, for the explosives scanner, the technology will be imported from China.

The airport explains, behind the scenes there are 80 scanner cameras that can read the faces of people who pass through.

If there is no indication of threat or danger from passers-by, the tunnel will give a green sign. If suspicious, this tunnel will notify the airport security personnel.

This technology was born out of an 18-month thinking process to create a security system that speeds up the security checking process and registration of airport visitors. The reason, he predicts that there will be more than 124 million passengers flying through Dubai Airport in 2020.

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