This is Apple's New Emoji Available on iOS 11.1

Apple's New Emoji
Apple has just showcased the new emoji characters coming soon on iOS 11.1 updates. The emoji character is part of Unicode 10, with an additional 56 new emoji. Among the 56 new emoji, the number of Apple exhibited about 30 emoji.

In addition to Apple's iOS 11.1 actually Android Oreo also has similar emoji characters. However, most Android users have not yet run the latest software from Android. There is no clarity when Apple will bring iOS 11.1 update or a new version of macOS and watchOS.

But for those who can not wait to use the latest emoji can start to try it in beta version of iOS 11.1 that comes next week. The latest emoji that will be on iOS 11.1 include animal characters such as giraffes, zebras, hedgehogs, Brachiosaurus species of dinosaurs and grasshoppers.

There are also emoji characters depicting autumn, such as a blue hat, scarf, gloves, and a mantle. Other emoji characters that are also present are broccoli, and a pie.

In addition, there are also characters emoji face with various skin colors. Apple also perfected with emoji liver emblem with orange color that had not been there so complete emoji similar rainbow colors. Other emoji are fairy tale characters like magicians, fairies, draculas, and mermaids.