This Spouse Is Amazon US $ 1.2 million

All companies engaged in the retail sector to prepare funds for goods damaged, theft and other losses. So it is with Amazon. However, given the size of the company and the customer-centric regulation, Amazon seems to rarely investigate claims of damaged goods or unexpected goods. They prefer to change goods or give money back to customers.

This is utilized by a pair of husband from Indiana, United States, Erin and Leah Finan, to get a variety of electronic goods with a value of US $ 1.2 million. This is the most basic trick used by fraudsters.

The couple managed to get some GoPro cameras, Microsoft Xbox, Samsung smartwatch, and Microsoft Surface tablets, according to an official statement from the Justice Department when the two men were indicted in May.  

Not long ago, both Finan plead guilty and now, they potentially face jail terms for 20 years, the maximum.

Amazon's rule to return items claimed to be damaged or not until it has become a common secret among hackers and also sellers who have cheated consumers.

Meanwhile, buyers take the risk of blocked accounts if they report too many missing items or broken items.  

The Finans managed to commit this fraud because they made "hundreds of fake online identities" so as not to be detected. The two were eventually caught by Indiana Police and not Amazon.

Although the Finans had to pay US $ 1,218,504 in compensation to the Amazon, the authorities said the two actually earned only about US $ 725 thousand.

For a company with valuations in excess of US $ 500 billion, this Finan scam is not big. However, this case could be a message to prevent others from doing the same.