Three Scientists Discover Biological Clock Win Nobel Medicine 2017

Three Scientists Win Nobel
The 2017 Nobel of Medicine is awarded to three genetic scientists from the United States. All three, namely Jeffrey Hall and Michael Rosbash from Brandeis University, and Michael Young (Rockefelle University). All three won the award for discovering the molecular mechanisms that control the biological clock.

The mechanism answers questions such as why people who travel long distances over time zones often suffer from jet lag. Or, health implications such as increased risk of certain diseases.

The Nobel Assembly of the Swedish Institute of Karolinska said in a statement, the discovery of the three scientists explains how plants, animals and humans can adjust their biological rhythms so they can be synchronized with the earth's revolution.

"This clock regulates important functions such as behavior, hormone levels, sleep processes, body temperature and metabolism," the Nobel Assembly said in a statement.

All three are entitled to a prize worth US $ 1.1 million. Nobel prizes and prizes will be awarded at a ceremony in December.

Thomas Perlmann, secretary of the Nobel Committee of the Karolinska Institute, described Rosbash's reaction when first learned about the award. "He paused and then he asked 'You're joking'?"

Nobel Medicine is one of the categories that is always given every year. Similar Nobel laureates have been awarded to great scientist Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin and Karl Landsteiner who identified the separation of blood type paving the way for safe blood transfusion.

Nobel Prize does not mean far from controversy. Because, this award can be said to have moral responsibility in the future. Like the 1948 award for the discovery of DDT, chemicals to combat the epidemic, which was then banned for its harmful environmental impact.  

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