Twitter Block Two International Media Ads from Russia

The Russian interruption inquiry into the presidential election in the United States last year continued. It is now Twitter's turn to block advertisements from two Russian international media, Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik after being found to be related to the case. The decision taken by Twitter is already based on consideration of a report released by US intelligence agencies that the two media ads also tried to affect the presidential election in the country last year.

In the official social media blog twitter, written that the steps they take is based on consideration and in-depth study, in order to maintain user comfort in the environment Twitter.

The Twitter side said they had read the results of a US intelligence investigation and an internal investigation into the behavior of the two media ads in their service.

However, both Russian-based media accounts can still connect with Twitter users. Typically, it has greatly impacted the reach of a social media account and audience.

Twitter has made an announcement that it has received US $ 1.9 million in media advertising for Russian Today since 2011. Twitter says the funds will now be awarded to groups conducting research on Twitter's linkage in the political arena.

Russia Today party itself has given the answer. They argue that Twitter's marketing staff suggests Russia Today could more easily reach many audiences in the US if advertising is still pretty. Russia Today claims absolutely no agenda to interrupt the US presidential election through various digital services.

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