Twitter to Use 'Save for Later' Feature

Have you ever read a tweet or a set of tweets you want to read back later but is buried in the tweets tab you like? Twitter is developing new features to solve this problem. Product Manager Twitter, Jesar Shah announced that they are developing a feature called "Save for Later". As the name implies, this feature allows you to save a collection of personal tweets that you will be able to see later.

The idea of making the 'Save for Later' feature appear on Twitter Hack Week. Currently, the feature is currently under development. However, the Shah has exhibited an early prototype of this feature.

Shah explains, now Twitter users usually keep a variety of chirping by liking, doing retweet, or send that chirp to themselves. All these actions are troublesome.

In addition, the tweets tab you like can be accessed by everyone, while the Save for Later folder is private, which means it can only be accessed by users.

Shah also revealed, this feature is a feature that many requested by users, especially users from Japan. Twitter spokesman said, this feature will be present within the next few months.

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