Uber Appeals in UK over TfL's decision

Uber appealed against the London Transportation Agency (TfL) decision that rejected Uber license renewal. The Uber license actually ended on September 30th. However, they have up to 21 days later to deny TfL's decision. Uber has filed an appeal to the Westminster Magistrates Court and can operate as usual in London while the legal process takes place, which is expected to take several months.

"Now we have appealed to London residents to use our applications, but we hope we will continue to have constructive discussions with the London Transportation Agency. As our new CEO states, we want to correct our mistakes," said Uber spokesman.

Last month, TfL determined that Uber did not deserve a private vehicle rental license. "TfL sees the Uber approach and how it operates demonstrating a lack of corporate responsibility to address many issues that have an impact on people's security," the official statement of the regulatory body said.

TfL is not happy with the way Uber checks the background of the riders and the medical check. They also discussed Uber's Greyball tool, used by Uber to avoid the government when they operate in areas that prohibit them from operating. Uber claims, they never use Greyball for that purpose in England.
By appealing Uber had time to solve the problems that caused the authorities to worry. It may be that they will reach an agreement with the regulator before the appeals process is over. CEO Uber Dara Khosrowshahi met with TfL 10 days ago for an open dialogue.