US Robot Battle Against Japan Held On October 17th

Robotics companies from the United States and Japan will realize the animated game-style animated Gundam on 17 October. Audiences around the world can watch the most brutal robot match ever performed. Megabots Inc. robotics company from the United States and Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries has just completed a giant robot that was created deliberately for a game that has been planned since two years later.

The long time for a robotic match is due to the Japanese side only wanting if the fight is really brutal. For example, it could use a weapon like a gigantic paintball to repel an opponent, and carry out an attack like a really hard punch.
Relying on the crowfunding Kickstarter donation service, the American robot team has finally filed a donation receipt to upgrade their robot skills. This event was attracted many people, so that collected funds of US $ 500 thousand.

Megabots Inc. parties stated that they did not want this match to be done only once. Instead they want a giant scale robot match of this kind to be a common entertainment for science fiction enthusiasts and into the esport category.

Later, the two robots will fight with human control in the cockpit. United States team robot Eagle Prime has a 16-foot-tall body posture with a weight of 24,000 pounds, equivalent to 10 thousand kilograms.

While the Japanese team robot Kuratas has a height of 13 feet with a weight of 13,000 pounds or equivalent to 5 thousand kilograms.