Who is Fridtjof Nansen, Google Doodle Today?

Fridtjof Nansen Google Doodle
As always Google always replaces new images to commemorate certain events on its search page. This time the search engine giant featured Fridtjof Nansen in Google Doodle. Today is the 156th anniversary of the figure of Nansen who was born on October 10, 1861. He himself is known as an adventurous figure from a young age.

Considering his love for nature, he decided to study zoology at Royal Frederick University. Despite having good academic ability, after his education he returned to explore.

In 1888, he became the first man to lead an expedition through the snow in Greenland. Not only that, a year later he plans to become the first man to reach the north pole. Unfortunately, the expedition did not work. Yet he managed to reach the northernmost latitudes of the explorers at the time.

As the World War I broke out, he was forced to stop his exploration and focus on home research. Towards the end of the war he turned out to be interested in plunging into humanitarian activities.

Nansen became one of the humanist figures who contributed to the release of prisoners and helped repatriate the refugees.

He also created the Nansen Passport, a travel document for the stateless refugees recognized by 52 governments around the world. Through the document, the refugees are allowed to move and settle. For his services, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. He was thought to have contributed to helping those who were unable to speak and to find a place to live.

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