Windows 10 Considered Violating the Privacy Law

Windows 10
Microsoft has never received criticism because Windows 10 is considered too aggressive in collecting data users. Now, the Dutch Data Protection Agency (DPA) says Windows 10 violates data protection laws, following minor changes in the Creators Update. Microsoft does not inform users clearly what data they use and why it is needed. Not only did the Netherlands authorities believe that the default Windows settings prevented users from approving data collection by Microsoft.

When Windows is installed the automatic setting is to share all user data into Mirosoft. Users are also encouraged to accept the request. DPA says, just because users do not change the default settings, it does not mean they give Microsoft permission to collect their data.

The regulator also mentioned, Creators Update does not respect the privacy options that users choose from the beginning.  

Microsoft also did not explain that the Edge browser continuously collects application data and internet browsing in its initial settings.

Microsoft denies these allegations. In reply to DPA, Microsoft says that Windows 10 informs users of the data it collects and how it is used.

Although they acknowledge that users should go to the privacy agreement section, which not many people read, to fully understand what Microsoft is asking for.

The Redmond-based company also said they needed some device data to understand compatibility issues and figure out when the app suddenly crashes or stops, which might mean a security hole in the software or the operating system. Microsoft also denied that they made users unable to give consent.

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