14-year-old girl to death electrocuted by the iPhone cable

There have been many cases of shock caused by playing a mobile phone that is in-charging. However, this time a similar incident occurred again and afflict 14-year-old girl in Vietnam.

This electric shock happened to him when he was asleep and his iPhone 6 phone was charging. However, that makes it can be electric shock no other because the charger cable used is torn.

Local police also theorize that a girl named Le Thi Xoan connects the charger to the phone and leaves her sleeping overnight as he does every night. It's just that at the end of the cable there is a bit of tear, and when he turns in sleep, the incident was inevitable.

Both her parents found her unconscious on the mattress. Immediately they rushed Xoan to the local hospital. But unfortunately, fate says something else. The hospital declared Xoan dead.

The events experienced by Xoan may be one example of the many cases that occurred. In July 2013, a waitress was shocked when she received a phone call on
iPhone 5 that was being charged.

Most of these shocked cases do use third party cables. The alias is not native to Apple so it's more risky.

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