How to restore deleted files in android easily

Sometimes we accidentally delete important files or data. Especially you who often store files and important data in the smartphone. What if the valuable data on your android phone is suddenly erased accidentally.

On your PC you can recover data when you delete it, and you can easily restore it from the Recycle Bin.

In addition, If the file is permanently deleted on the PC, you can easily recover the data with the help of recovery software.

When you delete any file from the android device it means the file is completely erased, unlike the PC that chose the Recycle Bin feature before the file is completely erased.

Therefore, There are many applications and software available and scattered on the internet but how do you choose the best among them? Therefore we will share how to recover deleted files, photos and important data in android.

How to restore deleted files in android

1. Using Dumpster

How Dumpster works is similar to Recycle Bin on your desktop computer. Dumpster is one of the best applications to recover accidentally deleted files from your android. Dumpster is also very easy to use because it has a user-friendly look.

Features owned by dumpster

  • Restore deleted photos, music files, videos and almost all file types (pdf, mp3, doc, avi, mp4, jpg, png, rar, ogg, txt and many more). This app does not require rooting a smartphone. 
  • Preview the deleted photos, video and audio files before recovering. 
  • No need to root the smartphone but if you do, you will get increased application work 
  • Auto sheculed items that have been erased 
  • No internet connection required. 
  • Can restore uninstalled applications
  • Your privacy security system with a special lock screen
  • No need to root the smartphone but if you do, you will get increased application work 
  • No internet connection required. 
  • Restore file only one press. 
Here are the steps to restore files using Dumpster:
1. First you download and install dumpster app in Play Store.
2. Then open the dumpster app and select the file type to be returned, you are confused just select "ALL" to restore all file types
3. After scanning the file is complete, will appear some files that have been deleted, Select the file or data you want to restore.
4. After you select the file you want to return, you just click "RESTORE" to restore deleted files in your android.

2. Using ES file Explorer

Another way to restore deleted files is by using ES file Explorer. This application is one of the best android file manager software because it has full features (Picture, Music, Movies, Documents, applications) and also provides the Recycle Bin feature. So the important files and data you delete can recover with the Recycle Bin feature.

How to use ES File Explorer:
1. You download and install ES file Explorer from Google Play Store
2. Open the app and click the menu on the left sidebar
3. Now you just select "Recycle Bin" and then click to activate
4. Now if you want to restore deleted files, just click "Recycle Bin" from the left sidebar and you will see all the deleted files there.

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