300 Million People Make Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status Everyday

Instagram Stories
Users of Video Stories feature in Instagram and Status in WhatsApp continue to increase. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, announces that both features are actively used by 300 million users each day. The figure is quickly achieved by Instagram and WhatsApp. New in June, Instagram earned 250 million daily active users for the Stories feature. In the meantime, WhatsApp reached 250 million daily active users for the Status feature in July.

Ironically the features considered to cheat Snapchat is more salable than Snapchat. Earned Instagram Stories and Status WhatsApp outperformed Snapchat almost twice. Reportedly, Snapchat only gets 173 million daily active users for similar features.

Currently, most Facebook products, such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Messenger Day have augmented reality-face filter technology, where the feature is said to have the same functionality as Snapchat.

Zuckerberg said Facebook shifted the focus of app benefits from time-spent or time-spent, toward "time well spent" or spending better time building community through video.

He explains that active interaction through social media with relatives will be more useful than using social media passively.

"Research shows that interaction with friends and family in social media tends to be more meaningful and good for welfare, but if only consuming content alone, then it is not good," Zuckerberg said.

Because Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status can only be seen by certain people, the feel of community in the Facebook product app increases. With the frequent users to see short videos, it will be an advantage also for the ads that come tucked in Instagram Stories.

Currently half of the more than 500 million daily Active Instagram users have used Instagram Stories. This shows the embryo of Stories into future applications.

The idea is supported by Instagram's new buzz that affixes preview tiles stories that encourage users to watch Stories.

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