46 Million Mobile Customer Data in Malaysia Leaking, How Can?

Mobile Customer Data
The leak of mobile subscriber data in Malaysia, which reached more than 46 million, is predicted to be one of the largest data-breaking cases ever in Asia. The impact will be enormous for Malaysian society. One local media technology called Lowyat mentions that last month there have been parties trying to sell the leaked database.

The local government, through the Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, Salleh Said Keruak said the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission together with the police are looking for the source of this problem.

He only mentioned having found a gap that could potentially be the cause of leakage of Malaysian mobile customer data.

The problem is that the leaked data contains enough personal data that can be used for not another crime using false identity.

The data contains the mobile number used, the demographic number, the home address. No less, there are 46.2 million customer data coming from 12 cellular service providers in Malaysia.

"The case of a customer database burglary that is happening is just as dangerous as the case that hit Equifax, even worse," explains Cashfield CEO Justin Lie, a Singapore-based security firm.

"This leaked customer database to an irresponsible party contains very complete personal data so the impact could be worse, and the misuse of this fake identity could lead to various services."

One of the private cybersecurity team based in Singapore explained to find the customer database tersbeut traded on the web dark web with the price of 1 bitcoin or worth US $ 6,500.

However, before the data is removed from circulation, it is known that the scattered database is last updated in 2014.

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