Airbnb acquires Accomable and provide lodging for Disabled

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Innovation service provider Airbnb announced yesterday that it has acquired a similar service provider focused on people with disabilities. Airbnb has acquired a startup named Accomable from London. Accomable focus provides lodging accommodation, including renting a house that has facilities for people with disabilities.

The Airbnb party does not want to mention the number of acquisitions received by Accomable. However, Airbnb's accommodation list of 4 million gets an additional list from Accomable.

Accomable has a list of 1.100 accommodation accommodations that all can facilitate travelers with disabilities. The most important facilities owned by the Accomable accommodation list must have access to wheelchair users.

Parties Airbnb said during this time travelers from the disabled or elderly who use a wheelchair often finds difficult lodging facilities that support their condition.

Usually they only rely on photo submissions from the provider of the inn to find out if it is possible for their stay.

The founder of Accomable, Srin Madipalli said the company he built two years ago was originated from his experience when traveling the world. He found most hotels do not provide complete and accurate information about wheelchair access facilities.

Madipalii herself uses a wheelchair because she has a spinal muscular athropy disease that causes her to be unable to use her legs and can only move her hands in a limited way. He admitted Accomable is only able to meet user demand as much as 5 to 10 percent due to limited funds and employees owned by his company. 

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