Amazon has a special cloud service intelligence service

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing division of Amazon introduced the Secret Region, a service designed specifically for use by the CIA and other intelligence services. The Secret Region service is qualified to store software and data entered in the "secret" classification, which is under very secret.

Amazon Web Services is suitable for use by intelligence services that normally handle sensitive information.

While the word region in this service refers to the data center. Secret Region is one of the many data centers that Amazon operates as part of the AWS service that offers their own cloud computing.

The largest area for AWS is US-East-1 located in the northern part of Virginia. When US-East-1 was paralyzed, all applications that relied on the data center were inaccessible.

Amazon has been offering this service since 2014. The service is an Amazon cloud offer specifically for the US intelligence community.

The new Secret Region is an extension of the same agreement between Amazon and the CIA. Only, the Secret Region can be used by government agencies even though they are not intelligence agencies.

The Government and Amazon are trying to promote this new service to show that US intelligence agencies are beginning to modernize their infrastructure and provide timely information quickly. This agreement with the CIA reinforces Amazon's position as a leader in the cloud market.

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