Apple acquired Vrvana startup for $ 30 million to realize the AR headset

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Apple is rumored to launch augmented reality headset in 2020. To realize their plan, Apple acquired startup from Montreal, Canada. Apple has acquired Vrvana the headset maker Totem, which earned praise from reviewers but never sold to the market. The acquisition price is approximately US $ 30 million.

Apple refused to comment even though they also did not deny this news. Vrvana did not respond when asked for comment.

This acquisition is important because even though Apple is reportedly interested in making AR hardware, they are reluctant to disclose the plan. This acquisition is the clearest indication of what Apple wants to make in the future.

A number of workers from Vrvana have started to join Apple in California. Vrvana's site is currently functioning as usual, but the startup has stopped uploading new content to its social media since August of this year.

The only product that Vrvana has ever exhibited is a Totem headset that utilizes AR and VR technologies, enabling users to try both technologies using the same headset.
Headsets with this cable have the shape of a VR headset that exists today. However, interestingly, it uses a number of front-facing cameras to display the surroundings on the OLED display inside the headset.

The camera system utilizes 6DoF tracking, a technology that allows the device to track its position in 3 dimensional space and at the same time using infrared cameras to track the user's hand.
Another problem is there is still a lag time when the camera takes a picture of the user's environment and the image is displayed. Vrvana CEO Bertrand Nepveu said the startup he was developing was developing a prototype that could reduce this latency to 3 milliseconds.