Apple Adds Production of iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X
Consumer demand for Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus is reported to be higher when compared to predictions. One supplier chain indicates Apple will distribute more units by the end of 2017. The supplier reports Apple will distribute as many as 26 million more units for the iPhone's tenth anniversary model. Analysis of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple plans to increase production of iPhone X by 35 to 45 percent compared to the previous quarter.

Kuo gave two reasons for the plan to increase the number of iPhone X production in the first quarter of the new fiscal year ending in 2017 ended this. Kuo said consumers liked the premium-priced phones.

In addition, Kuo and also reasoned there will be an increase in demand for Chinese New Year holidays.

Not only iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus which also received a good reception consumers also entered into the list of consumer desires as desired objects in the holiday season.

With estimated production to increase, Apple is predicted to reduce the number of iPhone 8 units from October to December by 50 percent to 60 percent. To balance demand and supply, KGI analysts call a number of assembly lines switching tasks.

Line previously assigned to produce iPhone 8 will be transferred its function to produce iPhone X. As a reminder Apple has sent as many as 11.8 million units of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in the last quarter. iPhone 8 Plus is distributed as much as 6.3 million units.

The number of iPhone 8 Plus distributions outstripped the number of iPhone 8 distributions by 5.5 million units shipped over the same three-month period.