Apple and Nike show off the limited-edition Watch Series 3

Midnight Fog
Apple and Nike announced a new partnership to launch a limited edition of Watch Series 3 with LTE network connectivity support. The device will be called Midnight Fog. This device will come with a matching color with Nike's latest shoes, Air VaporMax, which will be launched at the end of this November. The limited edition Nike Apple Watch Celluler will be available in the market from November 14th.

The device is marketed for US $ 400 via online stores and physical retail stores Nike. Meanwhile, consumers interested in VaporMax's newest shoes can buy it through Nike's retail store on November 24th.

Smartwatch is equipped with Nike Run Club application, offering connectivity with the community, new digital trainers, features of innovation and so on. For specifications there is no difference between the Apple and Nike collaboration models with regular models.

However, Apple and Nike's collaborative versions come with an exclusive display screen design and the previously mentioned app Nike + Run Club.

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, Midnight Fog, is the second device Nike released as part of Apple Watch products.

Earlier last year, Nike launched a collection of Day to Night, which is designed specifically to accompany his shoes, VaporMax Flyknit. Meanwhile, Apple is rumored to be launching the AR headset in 2019.

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