Apple No Longer Use Qualcomm Processors Next Year?

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In the midst of legal battle with Qualcomm, Apple is busy designing iPhone and iPad are no longer without the chipsets made by their old colleagues. Instead they are considering using a chipset made by Intel and MediaTek. They also mention, Qualcomm has been hiding software for testing prototype of Apple-made devices. This can make the relationship between the two deteriorate.

After years of using Qualcomm's chipset, Apple started using Intel-made chipsets on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. On the iPhone 8, Apple re-use the processors of the two chip-making companies.

Apple actually still has time to improve its relationship with Qualcomm. They still have about 3 months to decide if they want to replace the chipset supplier for iPhone released next year.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm said that their homemade modems for next-generation iPhone have been fully tested and given to Apple.

They added that they are committed to supporting Apple's latest device. Unfortunately, Qualcomm's words do not match their actions.

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm began to heat up since early 2017. At that time, Apple demanded Qualcomm by claiming that Qualcomm offers an unfairly licensed royalty system.

Things got worse when Apple refused to pay Qualcomm. Qualcomm retaliated by claiming behind Apple for the purpose of banning Cupertino's origin company to sell some of the iPhone variants in the United States.

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