Apple Reminds Users iPhone X Burn-In Problem

iPhone X
Apple iPhone X is finally available in the market. Smartphone is the first iPhone using OLED screen. Apple has released a document explaining the differences in OLED screens from LCD screens used on previous generation iPhones. They also explain the problems that the user might face in the future.

One of the things described in the document is the color change when the user views the screen from a certain angle. The OLED screen is one of the best screen types in the industry.  

However, one characteristic of the OLED display is the discoloration when it does not see it from the front.

In addition, Apple also explained about the possibility of burn-in on the screen. Burn-in usually occurs when an image is displayed on the screen for a long time, causing the image to remain visible at a glance even after the image on the screen changes.

Apple said, they continue to try to reduce the occurrence of burn-in effects. However, they add, there is the possibility of burn-in on the screen after the device has been used for some time.

To minimize the possibility of burn-in, Apple recommends that iPhone X users enable Auto-Brightness, shorten Auto-Lock duration and if possible, not display a still image for long periods when screen brightness is at its maximum.

Apple seems to be trying to prevent consumer protests like those done by Pixel 2 XL users. Even so, Apple stressed that iPhone X users do not have to worry about burn-in on the screen anytime soon.

The OLED iPhone X screen is made by Samsung, which also makes the screen for Pixel 2. The phone is not having problems on the screen as it did on Pixel 2 XL.

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