Apple Selling 46.7 million iPhone Units in Quarter Four

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Apple announced its earnings report in the fourth quarter, calling it has sold as many as 46.7 million iPhone units over a period of three months. The amount is slightly higher than expected, as many as 46 million units. Revenue related to Apple's smartphone sales was reported to reach US $ 28.5 billion. The same period last year, Apple sold 45.5 million units of iPhone and earned revenues of US $ 28.16 billion.

During the three-month quarter, Apple's sales grew growth in the iPad division from 9.27 million units last year to 10.3 million this year.

Revenue from tablet sales reportedly reached US $ 4.83 billion during the fourth quarter, a 14 percent increase compared to last year.

Meanwhile revenues in services, including iTunes, Apple Pay and App Store, reportedly reached US $ 8.5 billion this quarter. Sales in the Chinese market, which previously declined, increased by 12 percent from a year ago, reaching US $ 9.8 billion.

Overall, Apple reported a net profit gain of $ 10.7 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017, raising its share price by $ 2.07 over the period. The stock price exceeded the forecast, at US $ 1.87.

Apple's revenue over the three-month period increased by 12 percent to $ 52.6 billion. Last year, Apple posted fourth-quarter fiscal sales of $ 64.9 billion, with a share price of $ 1.67.

After announcing fourth quarter financial results, Apple's share price increased by five percent, to US $ 174. This achievement is Apple's latest achievement and takes it close to claims as the world's first trillion dollar company, as a result of the company's valuation increase to $ 900 billion.

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