Apple Sued For Leaking Secrets to Intel

Apple And Qualcomm
Qualcomm again sued Apple for violating software license contracts and leaking their secrets to Intel. In a lawsuit filed in the California Court mentioned Apple violates a contract that regulates the use of Qualcomm's software.

The software is needed to make the Qualcomm chip able to communicate with other components in the phone.

According to Qualcomm, Apple failed to protect its software and did not allow Qualcomm to audit how Apple takes care of the software. This according to Qualcomm actually already contained in the contract between them and Apple.

Worse, Apple even requested confidential information from Qualcomm and included an Intel engineer in the demand distribution list.

In the same lawsuit also mentioned an Apple engineer working the same with his competitors request Qualcomm's confidential information related to data download technology.

The lawsuit comes a few days after information emerged that Apple will not use components from Qualcomm for iPhone and iPad to be released in 2018.

If this is true Qualcomm will lose 7.5% of its revenue. But Apple's plan is currently called still in its early stages, and can still change.

The suit adds to the long list of disagreements between Apple and Qualcomm on the green table. Before this there was a lawsuit regarding the so-called Qualcomm licensing fee is too high, so called Apple is very unfair.

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