Apple to Release Headset AR in 2020?

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Apple's interest in the Augmented Reality (AR) realm has been increasing and has reached a stable point, after Apple CEO Tim Cook called AR a big idea like a smartphone at the start of its emergence earlier this year. Apple's interest is manifested by its decision to explore this realm more deeply for the first time, through the launch of the ARKit framework on iOS 11. Apple is working to develop a self-contained AR device.

The device will use a special operating system, and is expected to be available in the market in the coming 2020s. Apple is targeting to complete the technology preparation process by 2019, although to date there is no concrete evidence yet.

The standalone AR device will not only be equipped with new chips, but IOS-based operating systems. The operating system will come with the name rOS or "reality operating system", if Apple does not change its mind to change its name.

Meanwhile, Apple engineers said it is currently developing a prototype of a series of applications that can be used by AR technology. Apple reportedly used HTC Vive devices to test on the development of the prototype.

In addition, Apple is also developing a similar device Gear VR that uses the iPhone, although the development is still intended for internal testing. Until now, there is no information on how to control or interact with the AR projection.

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