Apple will help police open the iPhone SE belonging to Texas shooters

iPhone SE
Two weeks ago, 26 people were killed by a gunman at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. At the scene found two mobile phones, the old mobile phone made by LG and Apple iPhone SE which local media mention blooded. Now the local authorities have provided Apple a search mail so they can get the information stored on the smartphone.

This incident is similar to a battle between Apple and FBI related smartphones used by one mass shooter in San Bernardino, California by the end of 2015. But this time, Apple is actively offering its help.

On Tuesday after the shooting of the FBI held a press conference, it announced the existence of two cell phones belonging to the perpetrator without explaining the type of mobile phone, saying that they did not want to tell all the outlaws out there what cell phones they should buy.

Actor phone is an iPhone. After the press conference Apple tried to contact the authorities to offer technical assistance to be able to dig up information on the iPhone.

Apple seems willing to help from the outset without having to force any court or debate about backdoor creation on iOS.

Despite issuing a warrant on Nov. 9, two days after a press conference Apple spokeswoman confirmed on TechCrunch that authorities have not contacted Apple to request their assistance in unlocking the iPhone involved in the case.  

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