Artificial intelligence will be able to detect snooping the phone screen

Google building
Google researchers are developing tools that can alert smartphone users when strangers peek at the screen from behind them. The device is called the inventor of Florian Schroff and See Jung Ryu as an electronic screen protector. The findings of both researchers will be announced at the event Neural Information Processing System (NIPS) conference will be held in California, United States in the next week.
Both researchers explain, the tool in the form of application software that uses machine learning technology and the front camera of the phone to scan the face.

If it detects that someone is not the owner of the screen, the tool will warn users that their privacy is being violated.

The software will automatically interrupt user activity on the phone, such as a conversation in Google Hangouts, when it is sure to detect someone peering at the phone screen from behind the phone owner.

In a demo video, the tool can detect the attempts of others who are not mobile owners to peek at the screen within two milliseconds, while face recognition of owners and non-owners of the device takes up to 47 milliseconds.
Researchers call the electronic screen protector tool can work well under various lighting conditions and can detect a variety of head poses. However, researchers have not explained in detail the impact on battery life and the impact of the device's functionality, while making video calls with friends.